About Us

Daily Beancounter is the world’s first and only bookkeeping concierge service designed to efficiently/affordably capture, allocate and reconcile your expenses and revenue on a daily basis. No more “shoebox of receipts” or confusing apps that require your constant input on the phone or paper – we want to help you move away from daily bookkeeping overhead and give you more time to run your business with accurate and timely information.

With most other bookkeeping services, you must collect your receipts and invoices and then hand them over to your bookkeeper at the end of the accounting period. That’s when the trouble starts! Problems arise when you must remember what the expenses were for long after the fact and then properly allocate them


Daily Beancounter understands your industry! As soon as you engage with us, we provide you with an industry-specialized bookkeeper, who will appreciate the nuances of your business.

Whether you are in construction or real estate or professional services, Daily Beancounter will manage your expenses and income, reconcile and track your transactions, and help you manage your multiple and team-based projects faster and more profitably.

By knowing your business, we help you get better business performance, while eliminating routine and mundane activities associated with daily reconciliations, receipt tracking, (sub)contractor management, and clarity in expenses and revenue.


Daily Beancounter does not replace your CPA. In fact, we complement the work of a CPA and work closely with our clients’ CPA firms. By doing the day to day mundane tasks of allocating receipts and expenses during the year, we make tax season for CPAs much faster and more efficient. The CPA can focus on what they do best - servicing their clients’ accounting needs - because less time will be spent fixing incorrect allocations.


Daily Beancounter provides you with the ability to perform profitability assessments of the business with accurate expense allocations made every day.

Eliminates the stress normally associated with dealing with large transaction volumes during tax season and other peak periods.

Facilitates quick evaluation of a given project’s profitability, along with the capacity to create comparative project benchmarks.