We Partner

Our partners, CPAs, Accounting Associations, and Professional Services firms understand that bookkeeping can negatively impact their bottom line if they and their clients focus on bookkeeping alone. Their clients may need bookkeeping, but other, more focused services, are at the core of their business. We help companies to become trusted advisors to their clients while helping to improve the profitability.

We make life much easier by removing the daily grind and delivering accurate and up-to-date books using today’s best-practices cloud-based tools, such as QuickBooks Online, Chat Platforms (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, etc.), and other cloud-based solutions. We are also happy to ‘white-label’ our services so that you can expand your service offerings with our Bookkeeping Concierge Service.

On your behalf, we help your clients with their daily bookkeeping activity – tracking, reconciling, reporting – freeing your resources for more profitable activities.


Does Daily Beancounter allow for a revenue share with Strategic Partners?

Daily Beancounter’s costing model allows for a revenue share with a strategic partner. The revenue share is between 10% and 20%, depending on two factors:

– Whether the Strategic Partner has its own sales force to handle the signups of new clients or are they purely lead providers and Daily Beancounter does the selling;

– The volume of leads (or sales) provided by the Strategic Partner.

However, Daily Beancounter will negotiate the revenue share on a case-by-case basis with each partner.

What is Daily Beancounter’s capacity to add additional clients and how fast can this client base grow?

Daily Beancounter has the infrastructure to add immediately 400 new clients. We have the capacity to grow to 10,000 clients in three years at the following rate:

– Year 1 – 1,500 new clients

– Year 2 – 3,000 new clients

– Year 3 – 5,500 new clients

Client growth could be accelerated with the right partner

Does Daily Beancounter have the financial resources to scale and sustain their services?

Daily Beancounter is well funded and does not require external funding. We have the infrastructure and financial strength available to scale quickly and sustain the level of service. We have access to additional capital if the situation presented the need.

Will Daily Beancounter provide exclusivity to a Strategic Partner?

We are open to an exclusivity arrangement with a Strategic Partner, provided that both volume and scalability of the partnership justifies such an exclusive relationship.

Can Daily Beancounter provide white labeling and/or cobranding services?

Yes, Daily Beancounter can provide white label and co-branding services. If needed, our CRM allows for a separation of general clients and those of the white label or co-label relationship.

How does Daily Beancounter track and audit referred clients (Online to Offline Transactions)?

Daily Beancounter’s CRM tracks leads that come from a Strategic Partner’s website. The Strategic Partner will have online access to the relevant CRM section to manage and check on leads. We can also sign up and manage the clients from the Strategic Partner’s CRM or a new special purpose CRM started exclusively for the Strategic Partner in question.

I am a CPA/Auditing Firm and bill by the hour. How does this service benefit my firm?

Daily Beancounter services are typically not performed by a CPA. SME owners (or often a spouse or low-level employee) normally perform these allocations themselves. Sometimes these companies are in the position where they are forced to employ an in-house bookkeeper to undertake the daily allocation and reconciliation.

Daily Beancounter does not replace the CPA; instead, we free up the client to focus on his business while we make sure that allocations and reconciliations are correctly completed during the year. We do this at a fraction of the price of an internal bookkeeper.

This is a specialized service provided by a specialist company; the work is up-to-date and completely accurate. This makes the CPA’s job much easier during tax season. They no longer have to spend time to correct erroneous transactions that were transmitted or posted months earlier.

Moreover, by partnering with Daily Beancounter, the CPA will enjoy the revenue share benefits that come with the partnership. We generate incremental monthly revenue for our partners all without their lifting a finger!